Become a LoRaWAN expert while meeting the brightest minds in the industry

1, 2 and 3 February, the very first global conference dedicated to LoRaWAN will take place in Amsterdam.

Technical in-depth keynotes, workshops and gatherings will follow each other during three exciting days.

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What can you expect?

Day 1: Workshops covering beginner and expert level topics.

  • How to build secure devices with a secure element?
  • How to optimise for low power usage?
  • How to build your own gateway?
  • How to setup your own network server?
  • How to build a device with firmware over the air updates using LoRaWAN?
  • How to integrate LoRaWan with Azure, AWS, Evrythng, etc.
  • What antenna to use and why?
  • How to design a LoRaWAN PCB?
  • How to get started with LoRaWAN?

Day 2: Keynotes about technical in-depth topics.

  • What is next with LoRaWAN?
  • What secure element to use and why?
  • How scalable is LoRaWAN really?
  • How to use LoRaWAN with a SDR, and is that allowed?
  • What are the scholars writing about LoRaWAN?
  • What if we put a LoRaWAN gateway on a satellite in space?
  • How does The Things Network use blockchain for further decentralisation and distribution?
  • Taking a critical look back at the first 2 years of The Things Network?
  • What kind of battery lifetime extending technologies are there and how to use them?

Day 3: Collaborative networking and community meetings.

  • How to accomplish our goal of a global Internet of Things data network?
  • How to collaborate best with other community members?
  • How can we strengthen the governance model of the collaborative network?
  • What working groups to set up for what challenges?

Throughout the three days we will be showing lots of LoRaWAN use cases.

We are very much looking forward to this event and to meet the brightest people in the industry.

Feel free to directly reply to this email if you want to propose a topic or want to become a sponsor.


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